ABA Math - Status

ABA Math is not fancy. It was written by a father whose kid needed a computer program to help him learn simple rote math, and it works for its intended purpose. ABA Math is not a glitzy, polished, professionally produced package. But, parents, isn't that true of most of the therapy material you put together for your kid?

The core features of ABA Math work: it presents rote addition facts, both receptive and expressive, and rewards the student with brief, pleasing animations for successful completion. Each screen has a small status line at the bottom to help keep track of progress. There is an options page where the teacher or therapist can adjust certain parameters. The program currently works only for addition and for operands between zero and four, but that can easily be extended in future versions. The graphics and sounds could use imrovement. (For that matter so could this web site).

There are some known problems and missing features, but these are being worked on. There is also a wish list of desired features. If you try ABA Math you may want to suggest additions to these lists.

Parents of autistic kids frequently exchange information and material. It is never ideal and it never fits the next kid exactly right. But it is often a good start and saves the next parent a lot of time. The author's son loves helicopers, airplanes and things that spin. So after each stage the program rewards him with animations of helicopers, airplanes and things that spin. With input from other parents this can be extended to animations that work for other kids.

ABA Math is not finished. It may never be finished. Not because the work will stop, but because the target is moving. The program was initially written for one purpose, but can be modified to suit other purposes. Send in your ideas!