ABA Math - Feedback

ABA Math is a home grown project. Parents of autistic kids know that they often have to do important things themselves or they may not get done at all. Parents often have to develop therapy material for their kids. Sometimes they have to conduct the therapy themselves. Many support groups have been formed for these parents to exchange information that will help other parents with their kids. Indeed, the highly regarded Autism Research Institute was started by parents doing things for themselves. So it is too with ABA Math.

ABA Math was written by one guy to help his kid. So far it has been useful for that one kid. And with help from other parents and educators it can be useful for many others. But for that to happen FEEDBACK IS ESSENTIAL.

If you download ABA Math please contact the author and let him know what you think. All comments are important, even those that appear to be minor or insignificant. Even quick notes such as "I tried it and couldn't use it" or "My kid didn't like the pictures" are useful. Of course, the more detail the better.

If you have a feature you'd like to see added, or a problem you'd like to see corrected, SEND THEM IN!

If you find the program useful, please tell other people about it. After all, it's free!